Buying a new home can be a scary and intimidating thought for many folks. Often times there are so many questions it can be overwhelming. As a Realtor I can tell you that the first question I get asked the most is "Where do I start?" This is a very reasonable question and one I love to answer. Many first time buyers start looking into properties before talking with a mortgage lender to see where they stand financially to buy a home. I will always tell my clients the most important first step is to talk with a mortgage lender and get PRE APPROVED!

Getting pre approved before hunting for a house is the only way to go. I have seen clients get heartbroken in the past due to falling in love with a house, making an offer and then finding out they couldn't get a big enough loan or had come across other past financial issues that impede their option loan. It's heartbreaking to watch and quite frustrating. As a Realtor it can be an awkward request to make towards a new client because sometimes it can offend them and that is certainly not what we are out to do. The client may think you are judging their financial situation and simply don't trust them to understand their own financial boundaries. This is not the case at all. As a Realtor we value our clients, their time, their effort and their feelings. We also value our time. I don't like to work for free!

With this current market with inventory so low another reason to get pre approved is because many sellers will not accept an offer that does not have a pre approval letter with it, especially if they get multiple offers. As a buyer if you find the perfect home you will want to act on it fast and put an offer in right away. Having your pre approval letter ready will speed up your process and make the process easier during such an emotional and stressful time.

There are many lenders in the Mason County & Thurston County area that I would recommend. If you are a first time buyer and you are looking for a mortgage lender in the area I would love to help! You can email me at: or call me at 360-490-9150.